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Our Products

Ultrasonic Mask Making Machine,Ultrasonic Paper Cup Welding Machine, Supplier, Manufacturer Kamtornics started with the objective of proving the world with the such machinery that meets global standards. Also, our goal is to manufacture such ultrasonic mask making machines and ultrasonic paper cup welding machines that could work efficiently as per the requirements of different organizations. We are glad to say that we have achieved our these objectives successfully.

Today, we have developed the finest ultrasonic machines, non woven making machines, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic loop handle machine and ultra cutter. All of these and our more products have become the salient feature of our company. It shows the efforts we have made to use our technology in the finest way.

Our ultrasonic mask making machine works effectively on all types of fabrics. From the tasks such as feeding, hole punching of breather valve to edge sealing and finished cutting of the products, you can all of it with the use of our this machine. It has become possible as we have an in-house production facility. It helps use to to give time to the quality check of the machines and to come up with the effective outcomes.

This way we are pleased to say that these machines can produce large output without having trouble with its stability. Also, these products have generator installation overload protection system, it helps the machine to manage its workload.