Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Non Woven Carry Bag Making Machine
Automatic non woven box bag making machine with online loop handle

KT-700DC Non-Woven Bag Making Machine


This machine takes non-woven fabric as raw materials. It can produce non-woven bags of various sizes and shapes, such as non-woven D cutting bags, Gusset Bag, Shoe Bag, Soft Loop bags, and other products packaging bags.


  • It adopts the PLC programmable logic controller as main control, touch screen. (Made in Taiwan)
  • Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic system. Gusset bag.
  • Equipped with photoelectric tracking material, stopping automatically when the material is finished.
  • Stepping motor for feeding material.(YASKAWA servo motor) for your choice.
  • Photoelectrical eyes for tracking printed bag and the feeding error.
  • Vector inverter as speed regulator.
  • Ultrasonic for cross sealing for export standard quality(Taiwan Mingyou).
  • Automatic accounting and set table counting alarm.
  • It can make various shapes bags.

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