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Ultrasonic Machine

As you are aware that Kamtronics is the top name when it comes to manufacturing ultrasonic machines, ultrasonic welding machines and non woven making machines. Let us tell you some more about our services that we offer you here on this page.


We make such spin welding machines that offers high-quality output. The organizations manufacturing tail lamps, instrument cluster, consoles, intake manifolds and carbon canisters, etc. can expect to get the accurate designs from our machines.


Our company is also a pioneer name when it comes to developing PP corrugated machine. This machine is good at manufacturing PP corrugated boxes. These boxes play crucial role in developing the the electronic products, engineering components, pharmaceuticals, textile and in processed food industries.

Stationary & Gift Items

You can find our different stationary and gift items available in the market. These stationary items are such as plastic files, poly bag files and plastic folders, etc. As we are the manufacturer who produce our products in India, so you can expect to get these items at a reasonable price.


Engineers throughout India are happy to use the machines manufactured by us. Some of the finest machines we offer to the engineers is ultrasonic induction heating machine. The main use of these machines is to do heat treatment of metals. It is also used braze welding and soldering, coating and melting. You can use for heating the material before deforming it.

Electronic & Electrical

Our organization has the knack for providing excellent quality electrical and electronic products. Our laptop chargers and phone chargers are something we are proud to give to the country. We also find pleasure in providing many other electronics appliances such as exhaust fans, etc.

Medical & Others

There are many medical device manufactures in India who use our ultrasonic welding machines. Our machines are highly useful in manufacturing the infusion systems, filters, personal hygiene products, disposable medical devices. It can help you produce wound dressing and bandaging materials, etc.