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Flexo Printing Machine

Printing machines have made people's life easy in the modern times. It has also filled color and designs in our lives. The non woven Flexo Printing Machine we offer can also help you do the same for the people. Our machine in known for its high accuracy when it comes to registering colors. It is also flexible to start and can be operated easily. We have equipped this tool with a meter counter. You can set this meter counter according to the number of prints you wan to get. The main characteristics of this meter counter is that it stops the machine when the printing is done according to the meter. Our ultrasonic machine also stops if it runs out of material. To stir the printing ink automatically, you can lift and lower the printing plate. Knurled cylinder of this tool make sure to spread the ink even without ink and color. You will also the structure of this machine. It is not complex and it also does not occupy large area. This machine offers you such flexibility that you can operate it well during single color printing and double color printing. Flexo Printing Machine can print on different material such as HDPE, LDPE, non woven fabric and paper etc.