Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine is designed to join two or more compound geometric shapes, internal walls as well as curved surfaces. This machine is available in horizontal as well as vertical orientations. This can easily cut production costs by get ridding of glues, adhesives, solvents along with varied other consumables having no particulate and flash. For exact machine control, the range is designed with color touch screen. Moreover, it comes with interlocked safety doors to maximize the safety of the operator. This is a complete assembly system designed to constantly join great parts of varied dimensions or multiple smaller parts. This is a heavy-duty machine with strong construction and bearing system ensures dependable alignment of tools as well as platen. Welders having two vacuums along with two mechanical parts and clamping circuits enhances efficacy. With optimized production as well as high end performance, the collection ensures precise temperature. The improved speed control as well as automatic cycle start augments the precision of production. The compact design of the range creates small footprint that needs small floor space. Easy to access nests as well as simultaneous part loading ability facilitates matchless production. With durable hot plate, the range ensures to insert the product with more convenience. 

Standard Features:

  • Manual close auto open box.
  • The Ideal assembly solution for medium, contoured or complex thermoplastic parts, pneumatic, hydraulic or servo drive systems
  • Progressive or multi-cravity tooling
  • Such parameters can be adjusted as welding temperature, cooling time, heating time, welding depth, transferred time and pressure
  • Programmable controller with user friendly operator interface.

Application Product

  • Tail Light, Bumper, Battery, Oil or Fuel Filter, Trays, Break of Container, Sign All Light
  • Balance Ring of washing Machine, Filter, Steam Iron

 Suitable Materials

 PP, PE, Nylon acrylic PS, ABS,PVC

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical input voltage: 230VAC + 2V single phase
  • Pneumatic: Air supply: 4 to 6 CFM @3 bar pressure
  • Timer and relay logic control operation
  • Leak proof joining all machined parts in general will be blackened/nickel plated
  • Fabricated parts will be powder coated as per your color scheme relays will be provided for all output from PLC.
  • All actuators and indicating lamp will be of Technic/IDEC make.