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Spin Welding Machine

By using the spin welding process, we may satiate the requirement of several industries where the friction welding technique is used for thermoplastic materials where the round parts in the interface required to be welded are heated by friction force. One part in the fixture held stationery and other is rotated, this causes generation of friction heat. This is one of the most preferred process techniques for welding thermoplastic parts and components. Our range of spin welding machine is fit to carry these processes with ease and ensure delivering high performance results for each of the welding jobs. Very ideal for welding of PP, PE, PET and Nylon substances, KAMSONIC spin welding plastic machine is known for efficiency and easy installation. It can also be used for welding different sized cylinder and sphere plastic pieces. Further, guaranteeing superior performance, these have relatively fast turnaround times and assure complete customer satisfaction in terms of performance, service and functionality that form to the ground pillar of the success of these machines. For meeting all requirements, spin welding machine can be configured to manual, semi-automated or fully-automated.