Non Woven Bag Making Machine

The modern ultrasonic non woven bag making machine has amazing design and it is also getting appreciated for its high performance. With the use of this machine, you can be sure of producing non woven bags of different sizes as well as shapes. These bag shapes are Box bag, D-cut and Loop. The main characteristic of this ultrasonic machine is that it can manufacture large number of carry bags within a short span of time for you. This machine is the outcome of the efforts made by our engineers. Optimum quality spares and material use also makes this machine to that can be the favorite of an entrepreneur. This machine is not short of latest technology. You can find it equipped with computer and you would like to work with its high end interface with touch operation. Other main features of this machine are that it has high wave and contemporary ultrasonic hear-combining. It also has photocell tracking. We have also fitted advanced transducer in this machine. These transducers help the machine to provide stable as well as fine class output. The titanium transducer in this machine helps the machine to improve its life. This ultrasonic non woven machine is also equipped with soft start circuit debugging and compensation frequency modulation circuit. It helps the machine to deal with the any damage to the mold. Moreover, high tech CNC tools help the whole machine to function well. It adjustable floor structure also make this machine right tool for your company.

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