Ultrasonic On Line Knurling

Our company is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing and supplying the ultrasonic machines of optimum quality. We have years of experience in developing the qualitative tools. It has been made possible by the efforts of our engineers. They are qualified and have excellent knowledge of mechanism. Our newest Ultrasonic On Line Knurling machine is also one machine that our developers have produced for you. The use of this machine happens to join the two or more sheets of the plastic films. It can can be such as BOPP/PP. It is the tool that is incorporated in the main part of the machine. This way you can find it easy to do knurling online. The model we offer of this tool is named UKA-2018. 220 V, single phase is the power input of this machine. Power output and ultrasonic frequency of this tool is 2000 W and 20 kHz. This machine has round steel horn and it also has a roller. Approximate weight of this tool is 50 kg. You can order this machine here on our site. If you have any queries or want to have an in-depth look at this product description, then you can click 'detail' button on the picture of this machine.