Ultrasonic Hand Gun

The Ultrasonic Welding Gun we offer can prove helpful for you when it comes to welding thermoplastic items. It is an efficient tool weld the areas that tough and big. This product available on our site in the design of a gun. It has straight staple and small diameter. This makes sure that you can get firm grip on the ultrasonic machine while using it. You don’t have to worry this tool being loose in connections. It has optimum quality connectors in it to counter such possibility. We offer you this product in a wide range from single to multi tank cleaning. You also get a lubrication system that is helpful in cleaning the gun. This lubrication system is a big necessity of the professional as well as novice welder. We have made the design of the tool simple, so that you can find it easy to operate it. A variety of models of this machine are also available. This way you can purchase it as per your frequency requirements. Pressure, input voltage, output time, productivity and weight are the specifications that make the models different each other. We have manufactured our product in such way that it make your tasks easy because of its improved functionality. This tool also has a fine design and does not require higher maintenance from you. Not just thermoplastic sheets, but ribbons, pp sheets and chemical synthetic fibers can also be welded with the use of this machine.