Ultrasonic Geyser Outerbody Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Geyser Outerbody Welding Machine is reckoned for its shock protected design and high output level. This 1200 mm x 1100 mm x 450 mm equipment is PLC driven. This system is capable of generating high frequency vibration to maintain accuracy in ultrasonic welding. Fast operating method, stable operation, low labor cost and user friendly design are the key characteristics of this equipment. Ultrasonic Geyser Outerbody Welding Machine is perfect for accomplishing strip base and overlapping type welding procedures. With having 270kg weight, this system has standard safety features. Quality of this system has been verified on the basis of its productivity, mechanism, operating charge and working life.


  •     Precise welding
  •     Production record
  •     Sturdy and long life
  •     Shock-proof
  •     Safe to operate
  •     User friendly
  •     Easy to operate
  •     Economical

Ultrasonic Geyser Outerbody Welding Machine weld to Tank ABS Sheet based upto 600mm, Dynamic Features with easy to work, PLC controlled, time saver, cost effective machine. It can be adjust with Geyser Capacity, Operate & Running too easy.


Voltage 220V, 5A
Welding pressure 2-5 kg/cm2
Horn Size 300 mm
Nos of Ultrasonic Systems & Horns 2 (Two)
Welding Area/Length Upto 600 mm
Frequency 15 kHz
Power 2600 W
Control PLC controlled
Weight 270 kg
Machine Size:
1100 mm