Non Woven Bag Loop Handle Punching Machine

Automatic Loop Handle Machine

We have a knack for manufacturing and exporting wide range of machines. Automatic Loop Handle Machine is also one such piece of work from us. Users have been appreciating the quality of work this machines produces. You can find this machine integrated with easy and latest technology control panel with touch screen. This way you get to operate machine easily and can be sure of producing the output that meets global standards.

It is the machine that lots companies from the packaging industry use to design the loop handles of the bag. You can use a variety of materials for the production purposes with this machine. Furthermore, we can deliver you an machine customized for you. It can much helpful for you when it comes to manufacturing the products as per your needs.

Characteristics of Loop Handle Machine

  • You can find it easy to adjust the length of the handle loop.
  • It gives corrosion free finishing to the product.
  • You can expect high quality construction with high tensile strength.
  • This machine can be controlled easily with digital display.
  • You can set speed, size and count using the keypad.
  • This machine gives accuracy in the dimensions.

Technical specification

Bag width




Power supply




Machine size


If you have some query about Aw-F700 Automatic Loop Handle Machine, then you can send us a query about it by clicking on on 'send query' on the product. You can also us on the number given on our website for the same.