Induction Heating Machine

Kamtronics offers you the highest quality ultrasonic induction heating machine. This tool is manufactured under the supervision of our qualified engineers and has all the characteristics to meet to the industry requirements. This machine can be used for various purposes such as melting, sealing, hardening, forging as well as tip-hardening of the smaller parts in the different industries. The tools have high end inversion technology and are available in many models. You can expect this machine to be when it comes to processing the various parts of machine tools, gear wheel, agriculture equipment, automobile and molds. This tool is also capable of working in any condition. It can also assure of providing high end accuracy. The main features of this machine are that is equipped with a digitized display. Other feature of it is the in-built temperature control mechanism. It ensure that the machine delivers uniform heating results. This machine is capable of extrusion equipment, hydraulic press, forging dies and allied equipment. All of it help the machine to function well and it can lead you to provide quality in the work. We have a knack delivering your products at the earliest. It is also evident to us that your machine’s safety matters much. Hence, we take excellent steps to do the packaging your packaging your products. Your get your product packed in a carton as well in a plastic film from us. It prevents the tool from any moisture and damage.