Hot Plate Welder

Hot Plate Welder

We feel proud to present our company as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of Hot Plate Welders. These welding equipments are extensively used for the most challenging materials. Ideal for the large part assemblies with high strength and hermetic requirements, these Hot Plate Welders are available for clients in vertical and horizontal configurations. In addition, these welding equipments are also available in different versions, ranging from manually loaded and unloaded machines to semi and fully automated in-line systems.

Key points:

  • Capable of joining two or more complex geometric shapes and curved surfaces
  • Cut production costs
  • Eliminate use of solvents, glues, adhesives and other consumables with no particulate or flash


  • Suits particularly assembly of parts either large size or irregular shape.
  • Suits poor ultrasonic transmission material.
  • Two purchase (mould cavities) in 1 stroke available.


Automobile: Sign Al light, tail light, battery, air cleaner, bumper, glove box lids, fuel or oil filter, tank, break oil container.

Appliances: Pallet, massage pedal, balance ring of washing machine, pump, filter, steam iron, fan, housing.


  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Safety photo sensor door
  • Alarm light

Suitable materials:

PP, PE, Nylon, Acrylic, PS, ABS, PVC


  • Horizontal or vertical plane welding
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or servo drive systems
  • Low-temperature, high-temperature or non-contact capabilities
  • Six standard sizes accommodating parts up to 70”
  • Progressive or multi-cavity tooling
  • Programmable controller with user-friendly operator interface
  • Customized automation
  • Easy integration of other operations

The ideal assembly solution for medium, contoured, or complex thermoplastic parts - hot plate welders. Designed for versatility and easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts. Typical hot plate welding applications include fuel tanks, reservoirs, taillight lenses, and vent ducts. The hot plate welders easily achieve hermetic seals, and finished part weld strength approaching that of the virgin material.




Line Source

1P 220V 40A

Air Source

6kg/cm23-5HP user compressor

Welding Area Max.

W450 x L350 x H250 or dia.510mm

Dimension Net Weight

W120 x L130 x H220cm600kg