Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Kamtronics is famous for manufacturing and supplying the finest ultrasonic machines all over the world. Hot plate plastic welding machine is the latest we have to offer to various industries. It is the machine is that is the outcome of years of efforts from our engineers. They have also used updated technology to come up with this predict for you. This tool is capable to join two or more compound geometric shapes. Curved surfaces and internal walls can also be join with the use of this machine. We offer you this machine in vertical as well as horizontal orientations. It can prove to be ideal tool for you when it comes to cutting the production costs. It is possible as this machine can get rid of the adhesives, glues, solvents and many other consumables. It is also equipped with a color touch screen. This way you can find it easy to operate the machine. To assure the safety of the operator, there is an interlocked door attached to it. Furthermore, this hot plate plastic welding machine comes in small size, that makes it easy for you to put this tool in any small area.