Flexo Printing Machine Four Color

This Four Color Flexographic Printing Machine is suitable for generating printed image or text on aluminum foil, rolled paper, film and non woven fabric. This machine is also compatible with PE, LLDPE and BOPP materials. Easy to operate, this machine has flexible parameters. It consists of advanced meter counter that can program printing amount as per precise application needs. Pneumatic printing cylinder of this equipment is instrumental in stirring ink mechanically. Adjustable operating speed, even ink spreading arrangement and high speed drying section are the key factors of this Four Color Flexographic Printing Machine. Auto stop mechanism of this machine helps to reduce its operating cost.

  • This user friendly machine has high production rate.
  • Drying system of this equipment mechanically breaks circuit in case it ceases to function.
  • Application of anilox cylinder for uniform distribution of ink
  • High operating speed

Main Specification of the machine:
  • Model 1200mm
  • Printing machine: non woven fabric, roll paper, film, aluminum foil, pellicle and so on.
  • Max. Printing Width: 1160mm
  • Max. Printing Length: 100-1000mm
  • Mechanical Speed: 10-80m/m
  • Printing Speed: 10-60m/m
  • Image Plate Thickness (include adhesive tape): 2.38mm

Feeding Material Units
  • Reel Length 1200mm
  • Valid printing reel length 1160mm
  • Reel core diameter 76mm
  • Max diameter of feeding Material 600mm
  • Feeding mode: magnetic powder brake auto tension feeding, with photocell side correction
  • Pulling Unit:
  • Pulling part: belt roller chroming roller
  • Group: 4 groups
Printing Unit:
  • Printing part: chroming roller, printing roller, anilox roller, rubber roller
  • Printing roller circumference: 100-350mm
  • Printing plate material: resin or rubber
  • Drive mode: gear drive
  • Printing: 360 degree rotate
  • Adjust mode: manual
  • Plate Lifting: manual