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Ultrasonic Sewing and Lace Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Sewing and Lace Cutting Machine is one of the prominent machines catering to the demands of textile industry for a range of applications. Be it embossing, sewing, welding or cutting, everything can be easily and efficiently done using this advanced technology machine. Moreover, it can also do impressing, trimming, punching and finishing the products directly, without any loose edge as well as hole. Processing without any kind of needle and thread, the range of end products can be water stiffness section without any rough selvedge as well as smooth. The array is widely used to process toys, food as well as non-woven materials. It has gained much admiration in the market with its superior functionality, precision operation as well as high end efficacy. The ultrasonic moulds of machine is designed from the special quality alloy steel that is highly durable using special heat treatment with long lasting life. This can be easily operated without any pre-heating. In addition, this ensures continuous production, high productivity as well as fast speed. With no smog, noise as well as spark while processing, the range ensures to provide no damage to the cloth edge. This can be operated as per the convenience and ease of the user without any noise interference.