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Ultrasonic Label cutting Machine

We present to our buyers a range of ultrasonic atomizer that is high end atomizing technique prevalent featuring pressure less, soft, low velocity fine mist spray to aid varied coating application in various industries. These however ensures ultra low flow rate capabilities as the atomization process does not depend on the pressure and the amount of liquid is atomized by the nozzle hence the per unit time is controlled. Ensuring better application and enhanced functionality, the ultrasonic atomizer is perhaps one of the best products available from Unitech Allied Automation that is believed to be complete value for money. Hassle free operation and easy usage increases the product’s demand manifold in the industries and allied machine tool sectors. Our automated ultrasonic atomizer is complete automated and free from any kind of manual control and hence completely controlled by seamless technology which speaks tons about our advancement in the manufacturing process. Delivering complete customer satisfaction, we not only vouch for better quality products but also guarantee steadfast delivery as well to the desired location within a stipulated frame of time.