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Ultrasonic Hand Gun

Ultrasonic Welding Gun is used to weld a range of thermoplastic items, where the areas of the welding are hard to access or the parts are very big to weld. The variety comes in gun type design with straight staple type with small diameter to ensure easy grip. The high quality connectors are used in the machine to lessen the loose connections. The range is available in single as well as multi tank cleaning and lubrication systems to clean the gun along with apply the lubrication thoroughly. This is highly recommended for offering the most necessary ultrasonic cleaning for the novice as well as armored. This machine is simpler in design made available in different models that are differentiated as per the frequency. The range is available with different specifications such as output time, pressure, input voltage, productivity and weight. The array ensures to provide the best value of money to the clients with enhanced functionality, optimum design and lowest maintenance. The collection is ideal for welding a range of fabrics deigned from thermoplastic sheets, chemical synthetic fibers, ribbons, pp sheets etc. for exact, safe and perfect packing of different products.